Little School Publishing

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Little School Publishing aims to bring local social history to life by helping interesting people to tell interesting stories.

Ordinary people, momentous events

Our aim is to publish a range of books – from short pamphlets to full size ‘proper’ books and e-books – on local social history in Britain.   We don’t do heavy analysis of major political events – plenty of others do that, and do it brilliantly. We want to capture the experiences of the ordinary people who live through momentous events.

tmg-flyerOur publications might have a specific focus, such as Geoff Sleeman’s World War Two evacuation memoir ‘Too Many Goodbyes’, or be a compilation of collected memories and experiences about a certain period of time, built up from stories or snippets from the lives of different people.

Official launch of ‘Too Many Goodbyes’ Tue 29th October. Oakham Castle at 7pm.

Let us help you publish your story

We are interested in so-called ‘ordinary people’ – who often have extraordinary life experiences and stories to tell.  They probably won’t think of themselves as authors or historians, but they equally may have a burning desire to tell the world about some of the things they did, and what they thought about them. Find out more